Nestled in a highland cloudforest, our retreat is ideal for those longing to remove themselves from the hustle and bustle of modern living. At Los Quetzales you can enjoy serenity and relaxation safely all day long in any of our comfortable mountain cabins. Or you can take mind centering solitary walks, on any of our enchanting paths.

Cool Pleasant Weather:

Our retreat lies at a higher altitude than Cerro Punta, the region’s agricultural center and source of most of the vegetables that we serve, which include: lettuce, broccoli, celery, etc. The climate at our resort ranges from 38 degrees F (night) to 75 degrees F (day). The cool climate of the surrounding cloudforest is invigorating and keeps away all biting insects. At night, fireside relaxation becomes a cherished pastime.

Excellent Opportunities For Wildlife Sightings:

Our setting is within the 900,000 hectare Friendship International Park - Parque International la Amistad - the second largest in Panama. The Los Quetzales compound is located inside this park. No fewer than ten species of humming-birds constantly swarm the cabins, feeding on our feeders and vast array of flowers and wild berries. During the nesting season - January through May, resplendent Quetzals have been frequently observed from our cabin balconies…daily sightings being the norm. Over forty other species of birds are usually sighted all year round. Great Currasows, Black Guams, Black faced Solitaires, Collared Redstarts and Yellow-thighed Finches are among the many other birds that are sighted in and around the compound.

Located In A National Park:

Our lodge complex, located inside 240 hectares of primary cloudforest, has been protected since 1968, years before our government practiced conservation. We are privileged to be able to offer you the only ecological vacation compound in Panama or Costa Rica inside a national reserve park. Los Quetzales’ Swiss chalet type cabins are scattered amongst the confluence of three pristine streams and close to several waterfalls, rich in exotic vegetation, including rare orchids, untouched by humans.

Getting To Los Quetzales Is Easy:

Los Quetzales is approximately 500 kilometers from Panama City and is a similar distance from San Jose, Costa Rica. It can be reached in about 7 hours by car or bus. You can also fly to the Airport in David in 50 minutes, the capital city of Chiriqui province. At David transportation to Los Quetzales will be available. The car ride usually takes about two hours, part of it on a 4WD vehicle.

Rare Quetzals Sighted From Your Front Porch:

Our three cabins are nestled in a highland cloudforest 7000 feet above sea level. Tropical flora and fauna abound in this untouched natural setting, allowing us to offer you the unique opportunity to observe rare birds and mammals without the need of long hikes.

Pure Mountain Water:

Natural springs abound and are a source of naturally filtered water for the cabins. This mineral rich water is tapped as underground springs break surface. We are confident in assuring you that our water is naturally filtered and pure.

Chalets- Private and Comfortable:

Located in the middle of the rainforest, each of our three two-story wooden chalets are equipped with skylights, kitchen, hot-water heaters, fireplaces, queen beds and observation balconies, each with a breathtaking view of the surrounding primary rainforest and nearby streams. Our three cabins are priced according to capacity (our smallest accommodates 5 guests and our largest 14.)


Cabins (sleeps 5 or 8 people) $90 per night
Cabin (sleeps 14 people) $125 per night
Apartments (sleeps 7 people) $75 per night
Individual Rooms $25 per night

Daily rates include:

Optional Services:

Los Quetzales Cloudforest Retreat

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