Bald Eagles and Brown Bears on the Chilkoot River, the Kelsall Valley and the Historic Fort Seward, Alaska

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This tour is a combination of our Scenic Chilkoot and Historic Haines Fort Seward Tour and our Kelsall Valley excursion. It will provide you with many hours of wilderness enjoyment.

In May through September, Bald Eagles feed on this side of the peninsula. They are the perfect hosts and a photographer can easily capture them in trees, on rocks and in flight. Sea mammals are in Lutak Inlet and can be photographed in this picturesque fjord. From Lutak Inlet to Chilkoot River is given a historic account of village sites, why they were abandoned and the lifestyle of these Tlingit peoples.

The Chilkoot River is also loaded with Eagles. Brown Bears can be seen feeding here, and are more readily seen later on in the season, but we do spot them in the spring and early summer as well. This combo tour also gives us time for an overview of Fort William H. Seward and its history. We will also go over the story of the "Grease Trail" which is now the Haines Highway, but was once a secret Indian Trade Trail. The "Grease" is a fish oil referred to as "Ooligan Oil" which is a condiment to enhance the flavor of other fish. It's high in Vitamin A and was traded for arctic furs with Northern Athabascan Tribes. These furs were then traded with the Russians and other Europeans for various trade items. My family and I still render and trade this oil today, so I can give an account of this process and history. Also included in this package is a scenic tour or Haines and a history of every significant building in Haines and Fort district.

At 27 Mile we turn off the black-top to see the fantastic Kelsall Valley, with five wonderful glaciers to view, either separately or at one location together for a photographers paradise. Moose are more abundant in this valley because of its immense size and its marshlands. Black bear are also more common due to terrain and road access. This off-highway experience is spectacular in that it climbs to an elevation of nearly 3,000 feet, where clients can look down on the huge expanse of both the Kelsall and Chilkat Valleys. The mountains are a must-see and the valleys should not be missed!

Steve Hay, your guide, Yeshua Guided Tours

Trip Dates and Costs

Accommodations and Meals

No accomodations or meals are included in this tour. Bring your own picnic lunch. Water, tea and coffee will be provided.

Trip Extensions
We can make arrangements for you to extend your vacation in this area. You can add another of our exceptional tours or we can organize a multi-day program upon request. Options include:

  • Tour the Alaska Bald Eagle Preserve.
  • Snowshoe Excursions and Ice Fishing.
  • Rainforest hikes in a part of the world's largest temperate rainforest.
  • Yeshua Bank Fishing.
  • Custom-tours with special rates for professional photographers, photo workshops and documentary crews.

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