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Crete is the largest and most mountainous of the Greek Islands. Its unique geographical position is responsible for Crete being able to boast an incredible variety of flora and fauna, many of which are endemic with Asiatic and African relationships. This 7 day adventure in the White Mountains explores the gorges and small fishing villages of Western Crete.

Day 1
Our adventure begins in Chania. We drive to Paleochora, one of the most beautiful villages of Crete where we spend the night.

Day 2
The next day, we walk through a mountain path to Lissos and Sougia crossing scenic mountains with views of the sea. We spend the night in Sougia, an old fishing village. (5-6 hrs. trekking)

Day 3
After our breakfast by the sea, we begin our walk up to the White Moungains through Agia Irini's gorge which is famous for its rare plants and flowers. We arrive at Omalos Plateau (1200m) where we spend the night. (6 hrs. trekking)

Day 4
We enjoy our breakfast in Omalos and walk up to the Kallergi mountain refuge at 1680m. There we have lunch and spend the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying the panoramic view of the White Mountains.

Day 5
The next morning after breakfast, we return to Omalos where we hike the length of the famous Samaria gorge, the longest (18km) and one of the most beautiful gorges in all of Europe. Our hike ends in Agia Rumeli where we spend the night by the Libyan Sea. (5-6 hrs. trekking)

Day 6
After breakfast, we take the boat to Loutro (1 hr.) where we spend the rest of the day walking to the Finikas area and Anapolis.

Day 7
We take the boat to Chora Sfakion (30 min.) and then drive to the village of Komitades. We begin our walk up to Imbros Gorge where we arrive at Imbros Village, have lunch and return to Chania. (4 hrs. trekking)

Trip Dates and Costs

Accommodation and Meals
Village guest houses and mountain huts with breakfast provided. Other meals (not included in price) are taken at village tavernas.

Trip Extensions
We can make arrangements for you to extend your nature hiking vacation in Crete. Some suggestions include a visit to the Isle of Dia to view the Kri Kri in captivity, a cruise to Santorini or a day tour to Knossos, the center of the magnificent Minoan civilization that dates back some 4000 years ago.

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