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Come explore Kaua'i's peaks and canyons, rivers and coastlines on a seven-day six-night journey taking in sacred trails, hidden pools, blue lagoons, alabaster beaches and shimmering waterfalls that compose the spectacular landscape of beautiful Kaua'i.

Experience the many moods of Kaua'i! River paddle and hike to a classic waterfall. Look for spinner dolphins off the Na Pali. Hike the misty dry land forests of Koke'e. Snorkel the clear blue waters above a reef. Turn on the technicolor splendor of Kaua'i's underwater majesty, where giant green sea turtles drift lazily amid darting neon streaks of tangs and wrasses. Dry off and marvel at the chromatic rim of the Waimea Canyon. Bird watch at scenic Kilauea Lighthouse for graceful albatrosses and hovering frigate birds. Cap and celebrate your journey with a sea kayak trip or witness the remote coastal cliffs of Na Pali any time of the year. Whale watch for humpbacks during our warm winter. Catch a wave and go surfing off a picturesque beach. Pedal a beach cruiser bycicle to a historic mission house.

Your guides are denizens of the rivers, trails and sea. They are at their happiest when sharing their unique strain of folklore. A support vehicle allows you to travel lightly. A combination of tasty local foods and coastal lodging (two person occupancy) affords the luxury of exploring the many layered highlights of "Nani O Kaua'i"... our beautiful Kaua'i.

We try to adhere to the the "norm". The ease or rigor of our activities are subject to change based on weather and/or group dynamics. Kaua'i offers an incredible variety of alternatives that is beyond the scope of this humble itinerary. We reserve the right to shuffle, change and introduce new activities and opportunities as they become available or seem appropriate.

Day 1/Sunday
Orientation, briefing, and unwinding: Fly into Kaua'i's Lihue airport for our afternoon van pick up. You will arrive shortly at our seaside lodging after driving north through a rolling landscape of swaying sugar cane, coco palms and distant green mountain peaks. After unpacking, a hike, a swim, or snorkel is never far away. We end the day galvanized with good foods such as ahi, tropical fruits, and fresh vegetables. After dinner offers a great opportunity to get further acquainted, to plan tomorrow and explore a night sky full of sparkling stars.

Day 2/Monday
Awake to the sound of the sea! Are you ready for some birdwatching, surfing, snorkeling, or trekking? Today you will enjoy dabbling and discovering the myriad of lush gardens, verdant beach valleys, and waterfalls that mottle this incredibly picturesque North Shore area of Kaua'i. Exploring from the old plantation town of Kilauea to the famed and rugged Na Pali coast on the west; along the way we will take time to check out indigenous water birds, inspect native plants, or take a swim in a cool pond or salty lagoon. With the "motivated crowd" we have been known to go on a roughwater swim or load a few surfboards for a Surf-Safari. Your constant companion through out the day, is the unrivaled "poster like quality" of the Ha'ena and Hanalei environment.

Day 3/Tuesday
Today we paddle the Hanalei river which meanders through the Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge and which was designated a National Heritage River! Leaving conveniently from our dock, we paddle the Hanalei river, bay, and a blue lagoon; full of snorkeling, surf, and incredible vistas. After the paddle and a lunch, we are off on a short drive to the Kilauea Wildlife Refuge, perched on the most northerly point of Kaua'i. The Kilauea Lighthouse is home to the largest nesting bird sanctuary in the inhabited Hawaiian Islands. Look above for the avian antics of boobies, shearwaters, and frigate birds. Look below into the aquamarine waters and a turtle may surface or, during the winter, a humpback whale may spout. Often, a nice finale to the day, is a gentle bicycle beach cruise in scenic, always colorful, and folksy Hanalei town and bay.

Day 4/Wednesday
Are you ready for the challenge of either sea kayaking along Na Pali with dramatic caves and hanging valleys festooned with waterfalls (generally May-Sept.); or paddling the south shore for winter humpback whales, from the old Koloa Landing to the where Capt. Cook first landed in the sleepy town of Waimea. Both sea journeys offer opportunities to see dolphins, turtles, flying fish and the rare monk seal. Along the way, remote shell laden beaches and reefs beg for some beachcombing and/or snorkeling. Whatever shore we paddle, the end of the day will find us comfortably quartered in classicly restored plantation cottages on the south shore.

Day 5/Thursday
Cool Koke'e! After yesterday's memorable sea kayaking, you may welcome using your legs once again, in the pursuit of some further exploration. Today we will raise our sights above sea level to the highlands of Koke'e. A visit to the Koke'e Museum with its excellent exhibits, will help place Kaua'i's land form and natural history in perspective. The rim of Waimea Canyon, "the Grand Canyon of the Pacific", sports from most angles, breathtaking views of a deep rain eroded fissure with waterfalls often cascading dramatically into the abyss.

Day 6/Friday
We return to Koke'e for the hike of a lifetime! The highlands of Koke'e are a mysterious land, shrouded in mist and imagination, and the eleven mile Nu'alolo/Awa'awapuhi trail lends to this magic. A world class trail; we consider it one of the premier trails on Kaua'i, offering you spectacular views of the entire Na Pali coast from narrow exposed ridges.

Day 7/Saturday
Celebrate your last day and head with us to the Wailua River. The Wailua was the center and seat of cultural activity for early Hawaiians and is considered sacred. A short paddle brings us to the North Fork where we leave our kayaks. The trail leading to our waterfall is a beautiful greenhouse where flowers, brooks, and ferns abound. Uluwehi Falls is hidden in a grove of Kukui trees, the state tree of Hawaii. The early polynesian culture is well represented here, steeped in a colorful past, rich with rock wall terracing, legends and lore. You will not want to leave but a reluctant return paddle downstream and a short drive from the river, and we guarantee not only get you back to the Lihue Airport, but to do so equipped with a new and refreshing outlook on life.

Trip Dates and Costs

Transportation to/from Lihue Airport, accomodations in historic or beach front locations, full linen service, guides, communal gear and a well-appointed menu.

What to Bring
Light day pack, T-shirts, hat or visor, sunglasses, bandana, light shirt, shorts and/or bathing suit, sandals/flip flops, rain jacket (optional on summer tours), loose pants, hiking boots and 3-4 prs. socks, towel, warm shirt (wool or pile for winter tours, Oct.-Apr.), tennis shoes or river sandals, waterproof sunblock (SPF30-40), lip balm, water bottle, pocket knife, mole skin blister kit, insect repellent, snorkeling gear, Dramamine or other motion sickness preventative, binoculars and waterproof camera.

Physical Requirements
This discovery tour of Kaua'i is great family fun and is rated moderate, but can be challenging at times. Participants should be in good physical condition, at home in the water and up to the rigors of the trail.

Trip Variations
This itinerary can be abbreviated. If you prefer we can provide two to five-day trips for groups of five or more. We can also help to arrange a replacement activity or substitution at the additional cost of the activity: helicopter, motorboat tour, horseback riding, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, scuba charters,etc. Contact us for more information.

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