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Sea kayaking the Abel Tasman National Park is one of New Zealand's great outdoor adventures. Abel Tasman Kayaks has been providing adventure holidays along this beautiful coast for fifteen years. Our group trips add fun and safety to the adventure.

Hidden Coves
Hidden Coves
The Three Day Classic Tour is a trip that gives you a very real sea kayaking experience. The tour is self contained and operates independently. Each day will unfold as the group and weather allow. You are free to stay longer in a nice bay or follow a pod of dolphins.

There is 25 kilometres of national park coast between Marahau and Tonga Island. It is an area rich with islands, tidal lagoons and wildlife. Each night we find a beach-camp and pitch tents under the stars. Highlights include, kayaking with seals, visiting the marine reserve, watching for penguins, paddling into granite sea arches, bush walks, visits to historic sites, and lots of beaches. We often get the excitement of down-wind sailing on the return to Marahau.

We use two person expedition sea kayaks with watertight storage compartments. Everything needed for three days is stowed on board so the group is fully self-contained. Sea kayaking is not hard work but a moderate level of fitness is necessary for a three-day trip. The general trip plan for this tour is set out below. Your guide will adjust this plan if weather conditions or group needs require.

Day 1
The tour begins at our Marahau kayak base at 09:00 hr. Preparations include: getting to know your guide and others in the group, stowing personal gear into kayaks, learning some basic kayak and safety skills. From Marahau Beach it is only a short paddle to some of the finest beaches and islands in the national park. Continuing north the guide will lead the group around the "Mad Mile" headland to the central park area with many beautiful beach campsites. With everyone helping it doesn't take long to set-up tents and prepare the evening meal. Relax at camp or take an evening walk in search of penguins and glow-worms.

Offshore Islands
Offshore Islands

Day 2
Day two continues north into an area of lagoons, rivers, islands and the marine reserve. Paddle with fur seals at Tonga Island. There may also be time for sunbathing and swimming before selecting the second campsite.

Day 3
The return trip starts with a chance to visit tidal lagoons, bays and islands missed on the way up. When the summertime seabreeze is blowing it is possible to sail part of the way home. Arrival time back in Marahau is about 15:30 hr. There is a hot shower and cold drinks waiting for you.

Trip Dates and Costs
The Classic Sea Kayak Tour can be organized year-round but the best time for this trip is during our fall season (February, March and April), when the weather is good and the beaches are less crowded.

NZ$ 295.00 (bring your own food)
NZ$ 385.00 (we order food for you)

We Will Provide:
Buoyancy vest, waterproof jacket, waterproof camera box, maps, wetsuit and booties, tent, sleeping mattress, all cooking and eating utensils, hot and cold drinks, cooking oil and spices, fresh water, torch and candles, toilet paper, snorkel and mask, all national park fees, first aid kit, kayak sails, two-way radio, safe storage and car parking at our office. We will provide a sleeping bag if you do not have one.

You Should Bring:
Sun hat, sun glasses, sunblock, shorts, T-shirts, swim suit, towel, walking shoes, rain jacket, warm jersey or pullover, warm pants, spare clothes, plastic bags, insect repellent, small backpack or bag, camera, sleeping bag, personal toilet gear, food.

Curious Seal
Curious Seal

All the group will be involved in preparing meals. The guide is there is to set up the kitchen and help with cooking. You can bring your own food, that way you are assured of getting what you like. Alternatively if it is more convenient, we can do the shopping for you, at an extra charge of $90.00 per person.

If you are supplying your own food you should bring: 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, plus snacks. On both evenings we have a group dinner where you contribute food and ideas. During mid-summer fresh food such as milk and meat will stay fresh for the first day only. Most vegetables are OK for two or three days. Be creative and bring something to surprise everyone.

Terms and Conditions
Sea kayaking is an adventure sport and risks to personal safety are always present. These risks are avoided or minimised through the process of risk management. On guided tours the responsibility for providing risk management is at all times with the sea kayak guide and the company. Clients must obey safety instructions from the guide. If extra costs are incurred to ensure client safety these will be meet by the company. Minimum age 14 years. Special family trips are available outside of peak season.

Weather Disruption
We do not launch kayaks if we believe sea and weather conditions are too difficult for a novice kayaker. If conditions are improving we offer clients a delayed start or a one-day postponement. If clients are unable to delay or postpone their trip we accept the financial risk and a full refund will be made. Bad weather may arrive during a trip and clients must accept the financial risk and any itinerary disruption of this situation. No refunds will be given if trip plans are disrupted by weather or if clients choose to return early.

Booking Confirmation and Cancellations
A booking is not confirmed until a deposit of NZ$50.00 per person or full payment has been received. The balance is due on the morning of departure. Deposits are fully refundable until 7 days before departure.

Kayak Sailing
Kayak Sailing

Tours are lead by a qualified local sea kayak guide.
Beach camping in summer, hut accommodation in winter.
Visit Tonga Island Marine Reserve.
We provide all camping, kitchen and dining equipment.
You help with cooking and camping duties.
Minimum group size 3 people, maximum 8 people.
Tours depart every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday in summer (less in winter).
Sea kayaking experience is not necessary.

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