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Mt. Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest mountain and the highest free standing mountain in the world. Snow capped and shrouded by clouds, the local Chagga people called it Kilema Kyaro meaning 'that which cannot be conquered' or 'that which makes a journey impossible.' Today, it is the dream of every adventurer to conquer its summit and stand on the roof of Africa.

Climbing From Marangu Hotel
Marangu Hotel
Marangu Hotel
Below Mt. Kilimanjaro
Beautifully situated on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, Marangu Hotel stands in 12 acres of mature, well laid out gardens with exotic trees and flowering shrubs. There are magnificent views of Kilimanjaro with its twin peaks of ice-capped Kibo and rocky Mawenzi. This charming, family owned and operated hotel was built early this century and was once a farm house on a coffee plantation. Guest accommodation is provided in cottages around the grounds and all rooms have private bathrooms. Meals are well-prepared with vegetables from our own gardens and home baked bread.

We boast over forty years of personal experience with equipping and preparing mountaineers for their climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro. Our professional guides, who work only for Marangu Hotel, are specially trained by the hotel to ensure a safe and rewarding climb.

Itinerary for the Marangu Route
Day 1
Overnight at Marangu Hotel. Dinner provided.

Day 2
The first day's climb is to Mandara Hut (9000 ft, 2743 m). From the Park entrance, to which transport from the hotel is arranged, the climber enters the rain forest. It is a 3 hour walk to the first hut, through verdant scenery. The forest teems with bird life, and colubus and other monkeys may be seen.

Day 3
The second day's trek to Horombo Hut (12335 ft, 3760 m) is about ten miles and takes six to seven hours. About half an hour after leaving Mandara hut, the climber emerges from the rain forest onto alpine meadow. This is a very pretty day, with splendid views possible of the peaks and of the plains below the mountain. The vegetation is also quite spectacular, especially higher up, where giant lobelias and senecios may be seen. Higher still, the vegetation becomes thinner, and the effects of altitude, commonly experienced as shortness of breath, may begin to be felt.

Marangu Hotel Porters
Marangu Hotel Porters
Preparing for the Climb
Day 4
On the third day, the climb continues to Kibo Hut (15520 ft, 4730 m) which is at the foot of Kibo peak. The route takes the climber up to the saddle between the peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi, and then across the high altitude desert to the hut. Again, the climb takes about 6 hours.

Day 5
On the fourth day, the mountaineer rises at about 1 a.m. to attempt the summit. The rim of the crater at Gillman's Point (18635 ft, 5680m), recognized as the top, is reached after a stiff climb up a very steep, loose scree slope. On average, this takes six hours. Those who feel strong enough can then continue for two hours along the crater rim to attain the summit at Uhuru Peak (19340 ft, 5895 m). The climber returns to Horombo Hut on the same day.

Day 6
Complete the descent to Marangu Gate via Mandara Hut. Transport will be waiting at the Gate to bring the climber back to the hotel. Overnight at Marangu Hotel. Dinner provided.

Day 7
Your Kilimanjaro trek ends after breakfast.

Trek Dates and Costs

Our Other Treks
We can arrange mountain climbs using the Machame, Umbwe and Rongai routes. We also offer 'Hard Way' climbs for all routes whereby climbers bring all their own food and equipment, and cater for themselves on the climb. Contact us for more information.

What You Must Bring:

  • Warm clothing - anorak, mittens, balaclava, scarf, 3 pairs warm trousers, sweaters, 6 pairs warm socks, thermal underwear.
  • Snow or ski goggles, waterproof layer, sunproof hat.
  • Comfortable boots.
  • Suncream and small first aid kit.
  • Knapsack and waterbottle.
  • Accommodations and Meals
    All accommodations and meals are provided as described in the itinerary.

    Price Includes:
    Hut bookings, park fees for 5 days, guide and porters, bedding and catering on the mountain, a comprehensive briefing before the climb, and dinner, bed and breakfast the night before and after the climb.

    Price Does Not Include:
    Airport transfers, ground transfers to Marangu, tips for porters and guides, laundry, phone calls, extra meals and/or drinks, alcoholic beverages, sodas or any personal expense.

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