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Mount Ararat has fascinated mountaineers for decades. Home of Noah's Ark, this old volcano has attracted it's fair share of Ark hunters, mountaineers and geologists. Ararat was closed for many years to climbers owing to the militarily sensitive border area but access is now becoming easier.

Approach from the Turkish Side
Approach from the Turkish Side
Ararat is Turkey's highest summit. We approach the peak from the Turkish side after travelling across Eastern Anatolia to Dogubayazit, the nearest town. From here, we will attempt the climb after placing two high camps. Crampon, self arrest and basic snow-climbing techniques are essential. Ararat is not a technical peak but cold winds and high altitude make this an excellent choice for climbers interested in making an ascent of this historical peak.

The following text is from the mountaineering brochure published by the Ministry of Tourism.
Mt. Ararat is in the east of the Aras mountain range in eastern Turkey, rising at the common borders of Turkey, Armenia and Iran. Ararat, an inactive volcano capped year round with ice and snow, reaches 5137 meters. Serdarbulak plateau which is 2687m high divides the area into two peaks: Great Ararat (Buyuk Agri) which is 5137m (16,495 feet) and the Little Ararat (Kucuk Agri) which is 3896m (12,877 feet).

The Bible tells us that after the Flood, Noah landed his Ark on the top of Mt. Ararat. The Armenians call Ararat Masis Leusar, which means "Mountain of the Ark." The Persians call the mountain Koh-i-nuh, which means "Noah's mountain." Long ago, people believed that no one was permitted to reach the top of Ararat. Since 1700, however, many mountain climbers have reached the top of Ararat. German climber Johann Jacob Frederick von Parrot reached the summit of Ararat for the first time in september 1829.

Climbing the spectacular Ararat is a challenging and rewarding experience. In the summer, the weather in the area and on Mount Ararat itself is sunny, warm and dry. However, in the winter and spring, cold and harsh conditions prevail and mountain climbers occasionally face blizzards and turbulent weather. July, August and September are the months when most world mountain climbers come to the area and when the climb up Ararat is most enjoyable. Despite the usual sunny and clear weather at that time of year, high altitude mountain weather prevails above 3000 meters. The southern face of the mountain offers the easiest and safest ascent to the summit with the best routes and communication, transportation and safety considerations. It is not advised to climb Mount Ararat alone and without a guide.

Old Georgian Church
Mt. Ararat is an Extinct Volcano

Day 1
Arrive Istanbul. Dinner and overnight in the ancient Istanbul region. Free time to explore the old city.

Day 2
Transfer to Airport and flight to VAN. On the way to Dogubeyazit town, where our expedition will start, stop at Muradiye waterfalls to enjoy the view and Lunch. Dinner and overnight in Dogubeyazit. Permits and gear check.

Day 3
Transfer to Mount Ararat / Eli village at 2200m. We will start trekking to first Green camp at 3200m, average 5 hours. Dinner and overnight in Camp.

Day 4
Rest at camp. Acclimatization hikes to 3700/3900m (4 - 5 hours).

Day 5
Hike up from Green camp to 4100m camp (5 - 6 hours).

Day 6
Summit day. We will wake up at 3:30 and after breakfast we will start for the summit bid at 4:30 6 hours to the summit and 3-4 hours to descend back. Total time: 10 hours average.

Day 7
Spare day in case of bad weather / Transfer back to Dogubeyazit.

Day 8
Today during our full day excursion, we will visit Meteora, Ice cave and Noah’s ark visiting center before the lunch. After lunch we will see the art demonstration and the very best examples of Turkish carpets. Before the visit to beautiful Ishakpacha palace. We finish our tour and drive back to Hotel for the dinner.

Approach from the Turkish Side
Summit Day

Day 9
We will drive to Van city after the breakfast in the Hotel. Flight to Istanbul and Overnight in hotel.

Day 10
Sightseeing in Istanbul, rest, shopping, Entertainment (optional).

Day 11

Trip Dates for 2005
Expedition 1: June 18th to 28th
Expedition 2: July 3rd to 13th
Expedition 3: July 11th to 21st
Expedition 4: July 31st to August 10th
Expedition 5: August 8th to 18th

US$ 1,500 per person. Private departure prices are given for a group of min. 4 persons.

Price Includes:
All Transfers in the cities
Accommodations in Istanbul in FB basis - (4 star and S class hotels)
Accommodations in Dogubeyazit in FB basis - (3 star hotels available in the region)
Airfares (Istanbul-Van -Istanbul)
Sightseeing costs (entrance fees and transfers)
Mountain Transfers by minibus / lorry
Mules Support up to 4200m camp (15kg)
English speaking mountain guide
Tent for each 2 pax, Sleeping mattress
Ropes and perlons, Ice-screws, snow sticks
Mountain food, Dining equipment
Cook service available for teams minimum 5 pax
Stoves, fuel and cooking sets for the teams less than 5 pax
Travel kit bag, Summit certificate, Surprise gifts

Not Included:
Special Climbing Permit (50 $)
Single Accommodation, Private tent
Personal climbing equipment
Private guide and Mule support
All drinks

Skill/Experience Level:
Crampon, self arrest and basic snow-climbing techniques are essential. Ararat is not a technical peak but cold winds and high altitude make this an excellent choice for climbers. Winter ascents require more advanced mountaineering skills and prior experience. Please contact us for more information.

Please Note:
Mt. Ararat expeditions require permits from the Military and three other Ministries, as well the local authorities. The permit procedures last from 2 to 4 months. Anatolian Adventures provides these permits for the teams and climbers. We do not start the procedures until you make your 35% non-refundable deposit. Therefore, it is important to make arrangements well in advance of your required date to ensure your date and to allow us enough time to process the required permits.

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