Mustang Viewing in the San Rafael Wilderness of Utah

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Dandelions These expeditions are designed for animal enthusiasts who want to sight and photograph wild horses. Our focus is horses, but other wildlife and the colorful canyon country landscape are equally alluring. A naturalist leads each trip. Unlike domesticated horses, wild horses have a healthy concern for humans and will flee if they feel threatened.

It has been our experience that to observe wildlife over a long period of time requires us to maintain our distance. Binocular or spotting scope, along with telephoto lens for camera, are suggested equipment for each participant. Daily excursions from a base camp are the usual routine, although camp may be moved in closer proximity to the wildlife if necessary. Our base camps are usually situated on the edge of wilderness areas which prohibit access by mechanical means. Advance scouting allows us to select the best camp nearest the greatest numbers of animals most of the time. The expeditions utilize horses and/or vehicles to get us into prime habitat. Four-wheel drive vehicles take us to our base camp and will be available for daily outings.

We realize many guests are unable to ride horseback or they may like a day off from riding, therefore guides are prepared to lead excursions by vehicle and/or foot each day. However, most expeditions are designed to use horses. Horses are the best way to reach our most reliable view points. They allow us to locate and follow wildlife while going further and staying later.

Creekcluster Trail Conditions and Distance
The ride covers approximately 50 miles. The trails may be rated as rugged Side rides from camp will add considerable mileage to the trip for the adventuresome and hardened riders.

The San Rafael Swell
The Swell is situated along the Old Spanish Trail which served as a conduit for trade in horses until about 1850. Animals abandoned by Mauricio Arze, Lagos Garcia, the Ute Chief Wakarra (Walker) and other traders were soon roaming the area. From 1875 into the 1930's, the Swasey brothers raised horses and mules in the Swell. Today, three herds of horses and a band of burros run free.

Year 2001 Trip Dates and Cost

Day 1
Arrive Torrey, Utah the evening prior to departure for 8:00 pm orientation and final packing session.

Day 2
Depart 9:00 am for our trailhead 125 miles north-east of Torrey.

Days 2 thru 6
Experience the San Rafael Swell and the wild horse herds.

Day 6
Arrive back in Torrey late afternoon.

Provided by Hondoo beginning with lunch the 2nd day and ending with lunch the last day. South-western style cooking is featured and special diets are accommodated.

Our Other Tours
We offer a wide range of wildlife expeditions and other tours in Utah's high plateaus and canyon country. Contact us for more information.

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