Birds and Wildlife on the Venezuelan Llanos

Hato Piñero
Edificio General, Piso 6, Oficina 6B
Avenida La Estancia
Chuao, Caracas 1060A
Tel: 58-2-991-8935 or 58-2-991-0079
Fax: 58-2-991-6668

Come Visit This Unique Natural Paradise
Hato Piñero, situated in the central llanos (plains) of Venezuela, is a paradise triangle spanning close to 200,000 acres bordered by two rivers and a range of mountains, where hundreds of species of wild animals run free. Hato Piñero represents the first successful undertaking in Venezuela which combines private conservation and biological research initiatives with an ecotourism enterprise. Thanks to its unique geographic location, Hato Piñero offers nature lovers the best of the Venezuelan llanos and one of the most impressive and expansive nature sights in the world. In its varied topography you will discover diverse types of wetlands, grassy plains, mountains, deciduous and gallery forests where over 350 species of birds and a great variety of mammals and reptiles have been identified.
Hoatzin Hoatzin

With its expansive area and diverse habitats, Hato Piñero is one of the best bird watching locations in the world. Here, it is not uncommon to observe more than 100 species of birds in a single day. Just outside of your guest quarters it is easy to spot numerous types of egrets and herons; White, Scarlet, and Glossy Ibis; osprey; macaws; parrots; various hawks; black vultures; and hummingbirds among others. With the aid of a biologist guide, at every turn along the forest paths, you will run across a different species of animal-quite sociable and clearly unaware of the danger normally associated with man's presence.

Lazy giant tortoises leave their mark as they cut a path through the bamboo. Otters dodge in and out of the hundreds of streams that trickle through the forest, in search of their daily catch. The storks' flight bothers neither the herds of zebus grazing up in the lush green hills, nor the graceful deer or peccaries down below on arid lands turned red by the afternoon sun. Playful monkeys hang in the branches of purple and gold-flowered trees and mock the caymans below, while the tapirs bask in the sun under the watchful eye of the parrots. The jaguars and pumas come out at night. There are more than a million animals living here in total safety.
Trupial Trupial

Because hunting has been banned for over 40 years, wild animals exhibit a sense of security not readily seen in many nature parks. Visitors to the ranch can observe numerous species of birds and mammals at extraordinarily close distances as they travel through the area in the search for food. Some of the regularly seen mammals at Piñero include: foxes, ocelots, capuchin and red howler monkeys, sloths, capybaras, white-tailed deer, tapirs, anteaters and giant otters.

By combining some of the most breathtaking nature sites in the world, with simplicity and purity, mahogany and adobe, Hato Piñero will help you forget your stress. For this is a place for peace and serenity even in the eyes of the animals that cross your path. Ceiling fans provide a calming rhythm in the white, colonial bedrooms with sculpted doors; in the lounges, and in the long soapstone corridor. Yellow-shouldered parrots chatter away in the central patio, against a backdrop of bougainvilleas, hibiscus and orchids.

An ideal hideaway for nature-lovers, birdwatchers, or travelers simply seeking peace, quiet, and happy without a swimming pool and the inevitable parasols. Only twenty guests can stay at the ranch at any one time. Here, the telephone loses its raison d'etre. At Piñero, there is no lack of resources available for discovering a reserve rich in surprises - on horseback, by boat, or in a four-wheel drive jeep, accompanied by a guide.

Jaguar Jaguar
Stay Information

May 1 to November 30, 2000 (sgl/dbl)
December 1, 2000 to April 30, 2001 (sgl/dbl)
May 1 to November 30, 2001 (sgl/dbl)
Room Rates US$120/144 US$150/180
VIP Suite US$190/230 US$190/230

What You Must Bring
We recommend that you bring the following: Light-weight clothing, 2 pairs of sneakers, Binoculars, Hat/visor, Sun screen, Insect repellent (non-aerosol).

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