Adventures Great and Small provides information about some "off the beaten path" places in the world. These adventures may comprise an entire vacation or they may be just side trips to an existing holiday plan. Our country pages feature numerous Internet links to country-specific information while our adventure pages list the guide and/or travel books available as well as local resources relative to the area described. Our pages are directed to the average, healthy outdoors enthusiast and except for scuba diving, calls for no special skills or equipment.

Independent travel requires research, preparation and the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. The rewards are immensely satisfying and include smaller groups, the ability to set your own schedule, substantial savings and the freedom to follow the sunshine or to linger when you discover a moment of splendor. All of our pages are written from first hand experience and are regularly updated. Recommended resources are locally owned service providers who offer reliable and courteous service and are positively involved within their own communities. Our goal is to highlight some of the world’s special places and to assist the independent traveler in creating an unforgettable adventure.


Adventures Great and Small provides travel information to users of the Internet. While none of the adventures listed are considered dangerous, there is always a risk of illness, injury or death resulting from any outdoor activity as well as inhospitable political climates. It is the responsibility of each subscriber to determine his/her ability to participate in the activities described, to use the information provided safely and sensibly, to keep abreast of current political situations and to be aware that medical facilities may be limited in some foreign countries. Adventures Great and Small and other service providers cannot be held liable for illness, injury or death resulting from participation in any of the activities described herein.

Adventures Great and Small strives to provide accurate and current information. However, it is the responsibility of each participant to make his/her own travel arrangements and to confirm the dates, fees, and policies of any service provider listed in these pages. We assume no liability for any inaccuracies, omissions, or misunderstandings with any service provider.

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We are continually working to improve our service to all who benefit from these pages and we welcome all questions, suggestions or ideas.

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