You have kept a journal of your travels and some of those photographs are quite good. What's next? Share your information! Several newspapers, magazines and Internet websites depend on travel writers to provide content for their publications. This listing of submission guidelines is presented without regard for a writer's experience. Therefore, we recommend a thorough review of individual websites and magazines to determine the types of contributions that they are looking for and whether or not you are qualified to submit your work. Most internet websites do not pay for contributions but may serve to establish your credentials. This list is by no means complete so we welcome any suggestions to improve this page. 

  • Arizona Highways encourages travel to and within Arizona by featuring stories on places to go and things to do, on the state’s unique scenic environment, on its flora and fauna, on its people and on the history and culture of the Old West. We use experience-based travel stories, rather than guidebook or list stories, and we particularly like adventure-travel stories and stories on Indian arts, crafts and customs. Writer Guidelines and Photo Submission Guidelines are available.
  • Asian Diver welcomes editorial contributions and photographs.
  • Write for Avalon Travel Publishing, publishers of the Moon Handbooks.
  • Write for BootsnAll, a resource for the independent traveller.
  • BlueRidge Country Magazine accepts stories and photographs for possible publication.
  • Boundary Waters Journal: The Magazine of America's Favorite Wilderness Area will gladly consider manuscripts, photographs and artwork for publication. This magazine focuses on canoeing and fishing as well as related topics such as canoe camping. Guideline requests and submissions may be sent to:
    Boundary Waters Journal, 9396 Rocky Ledge Road, Ely, MN 55731, USA
  • Caribbean and Cruise Travel Magazine accepts travel stories with or without photographs about the Caribbean and Caribbean area cruises.
  • Caribbean Beat, the inflight magazine for Caribbean Airlines, needs lively, entertaining writing combined with a serious and informative approach, and top-quality photos and illustrations.
  • The editors of Caribbean Travel and Life are always open to ideas from writers. They are looking for behind-the-scenes stories, off-the-beaten-path destinations and ahead-of-the-curve knowledge about the Caribbean.
  • Continental, the inflight magazine of Continental Airlines, is geared toward frequent travelers, whether they’re traveling for business or leisure.
  • aims to provide quality travel literature and publications by enlisting travellers from around the globe who research and provide content, which is as up-to-date as possible and always available.
  • Discover Diving features articles and photographs of interest to diving enthusiasts. Safety, health, techniques, travel narratives and other related matters such as underwater photography are welcome. Guidelines for submission are provided upon request. Write to:
    Discover Diving, PO Box 83727, San Diego, CA 92138, USA
    Tel: (619) 697-0703
    Fax: (629) 697-0123
  • Dive New Zealand welcomes editorial and photographic contributions.
  • Dive Travel accepts articles and photographs about diving destinations worldwide. Safety, health, techniques and environmental issues are also featured. Send your inquiries and submissions to:
  • E, The Environmental Magazine accepts articles for their 'Going Green' section which highlights trends and destinations in the eco-tourism industry.
  • enRoute, Air Canada's inflight magazine accepts queries for long and short travel features.
  • Escape From America magazine wants stories, photographs and articles about living abroad and unusual lifestyles.
  • Family Fun highlights moderately priced destinations that offer an exceptional value and specifically cater to the needs of families. They capture the essence of traveling with kids and provide well-researched background information that helps families plan their own adventures.
  • Geo Australasia accepts manuscripts and photographs about the flora, fauna, natural history, archaeology and customs and traditions of the peoples of Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. Inquiries may be sent to the Editor at:
    GEO Australasia
    PO Box 84
    Hampton, Victoria 3188
  • accepts travel articles for their Global Travel Review.
  • Travel writers' guidelines for The Globe and Mail newspaper.
  • GoNOMAD is always looking for talented, dedicated travel writers, photographers and researchers.
  • Grand Tour: The Journal of Travel Literature accepts submissions covering a wide range of travel stories. Inquiries may be addressed to:
    Jennifer Fisher, Grand Tour, PO Box 66, Thorofare, NJ 08086, USA
  • Healthcare Traveler encourages submission of manuscripts for consideration.
  • accepts stories from around the world. Contributions may be emailed to: or submitted here.
  • Please send queries and a request for writer's guidelines for submissions to International Living. This newsletter is directed to retirees who want to live abroad with articles about buying real estate, import/export possibilities, off-shore investing and quality of life issues.
  • Journeywoman.Com is a travel resource for women. Articles may be written by men but should contain information of particular interest to the female traveller.
  • Kansai Time Out is a community-oriented magazine that welcomes articles and photographs about travel and life in Japan.
  • Literary Traveler is seeking travel articles that capture the literary imagination.
  • Become a Lonely Planet author.
  • Mexico Connect needs articles about Mexico Living, Mexico Travel and the "Un-Guide Book" and Mexico Business. 
  • National Geographic Adventure Magazine covers the world of adventure, from exciting travel destinations and outdoor pursuits to accounts of cutting-edge expeditions and profiles of modern-day explorers. Writers' and photobraphers' queries are accepted.
  • National Geographic Traveler Magazine accepts writers' queries and photographic portfolios for consideration.
  • New Age Travel is looking for non-fiction articles about purposeful travel to sacred sites and places of power.
  • Outdoor Photographer accepts queries for article and photograph submissions.
  • Open Travel Info offers a place for people to submit their adventure travel articles and photographs with full control over the layout, allowing you to drive visitors to your own website.
  • Oregon Coast and Northwest Travel magazines accept queries and photographic submissions.
  • Outpost is a Canadian travel publication that steers away from the cozy and coddled to take a more adventurous and realistic look at the world and how people travel through it. In every issue of Outpost you get the good, the bad and the ugly about travel, told in an honest, sometimes irreverent voice.
  • Paddler Magazine welcomes freelance writing and photography contributions related to paddle sports.
  • Perceptive Travel is a webzine for independent travelers with open senses and open minds. They will only accept articles from authors with book(s) in print.
  • accepts articles about environmental issues and/or ecotravel in the Americas.
  • Pology, a magazine dedicated to travel and cultural exploration, is currently accepting submissions from both writers and photographers.
  • Rhode Island Roads seeks travel articles and other content of interest to Rhode Islanders and those who love Rhode Island.
  • Roadjunky is looking for travel writers with verve to expand their collection of guides and stories from around the world.
  • Scuba Diving magazine accepts members' trip reports as well as submissions of underwater photographs for their online gallery.
  • Sea Kayaker Magazine publishes their Photography Guidelines and Writers' Guidelines online.
  • Skywest Magazine strives to inform more than 3 million passengers about unique lifestyle, business and recreational opportunities in destinations served by Delta Connection and United Express.
  • Smoky Mountain Living accepts stories and photographs for possible publication.
  • SOA Photo sponsors photo galleries for selected professional and advanced amateur photographers as well as a monthly photo contest.
  • The mission of South American Explorers is to improve the social, economic and environmental conditions within South America by fostering greater awareness of this continent through the diffusion of information and cross cultural interaction. It was set up for independent travelers everywhere and supporting articles and photographs are needed.
  • Sunset Magazine, Western America's largest-circulation regional magazine, is looking for well-written travel stories that offer their readers reliably satisfying travel experiences that can be successfully accomplished in a day or weekend outing, or included as part of a vacation.
  • Submission guidelines for Texas Highways.
  • The Backpacker will host your articles and pictures from your backpacking trips.
  • The Intrepid Traveler is actively seeking new manuscripts and book proposals for our expanding line of award-winning travel books.
  • Submission guidelines for travel articles to The New York Times.
  • The Travel Itch is looking for non-fiction stories on international, Canadian and BC travel destinations.
  • highlights Burma, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. They are looking for photographs and personal accounts of travel in Asia.
  • Travel article submission guidelines for The Washington Post travel section.
  • TNT Magazine UK accepts stories and photographs about travelling, living or working experiences.
  • Transitions Abroad: The Guide to Learning, Living, and Working Overseas seeks photographs and articles with practical information that are pertinent to independent travelers of all ages. Their editorial schedule and writing and photographic guidelines are available online. There are also writing contests for students and expatriates.
  • Travel + Leisure Magazine accepts queries for editorial and photography submissions.
  • Traveler's Tales accepts submissions of personal, non-fiction travel essays. Visit their site for guidelines and remuneration information.
  • Travel Insights strives to give amateur travel writers a voice. It welcomes submissions about travel anywhere in the world, generally looking for articles with a sharp focus rather than guidebook or diary accounts.
  • Travelmag is a comprehensive forum for real travel writing by real travellers. Submisssions of travel tales and photos are welcome.
  • Travel Notes is looking for original travel content and photographs.
  • Travel Post Monthly has been developed to give a forum for publication to the International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance (ITWPA) members and other freelance writers and photographers to showcase their work. But that’s not its only purpose, you see, behind the scenes the publication works as a wire service for editors that are looking for articles and images to publish in their own newsletters and magazines. Writer's Guidelines and Photographer's Guidelines are available.
  • TravelWise welcomes submissions of articles, tips, advice and ideas from readers.
  • 21st Century Adventures seeks non-fiction travel articles and photographs that focus on exotic locations and/or adventure travel.
  • Walking New Zealand is looking for stories and photographs of walking holidays in New Zealand and abroad. Inquiries may be sent to:
    Walking New Zealand, PO Box 1922, Palmerston North, New Zealand
    Tel: 64-6-358-6863
    Fax: 64-6-358-6864
  • Wilderness New Zealand welcomes contributions that describe New Zealand's wild and alluring landscapes. Inquiries may be sent to:
    Alistair Hall, Editor
  • Wanderlust, the magazine for people with a passion for travel, aims to cover all aspects of independent, semi-independent and special-interest travel. Guidelines for writers and photographers are available online.
  • World Hum seeks smart engaging submissions for their travel magazine that focuses, not on destinations, but the journey.

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