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Internet Newsgroups and Bulletin Boards provide excellent opportunities for sharing travel information. The Usenet newsgroups have become increasingly subject to commercial postings. However, valuable information can still be gleaned and archived information from this source can be accessed by topic at Deja.Com.


Newsgroups by Destination

USA and Canada (

Canada (

Caribbean (

Latin America (

Mexico (news:alt.mexico)

Europe (

Australia and New Zealand (

Asia (

Africa (

Newsgroups by Activity

Backcountry (news:rec.backcountry)

Walking - UK (news:uk.rec.walking)

Bushwalking - Australia (news:aus.bushwalking)

Camping (news:rec.outdoors.camping)

Outdoors - German language (news:de.rec.outdoors)

National Parks (news:rec.outdoors.national-parks)

Scuba (news:rec.scuba)

Scuba Locations (news:rec.scuba.locations)

Wildlife (news:rec.animals.wildlife)

Birds (news:rec.birds)

Birdwatching - UK (news:uk.rec.birdwatching)

Boats/Paddle (

Boats/Paddle - UK (

Archaeology (news:alt.archaeology)

Native Peoples (news:alt.native)

Other Travel Related Newsgroups

Travel - Spanish language (

Global Travel - Japanese language (

Travel - Miscellaneous (

Air Travel (

Air Travel - UK (

Youth Hostels - UK (news:uk.rec.youth-hostel)

General Travel Bulletin Boards

Many other travel-related bulletin boards and chat rooms can be found on the Internet. We have included some that maintain an active and current dialogue. These are moderated and do not accept commercial postings. This list is by no means complete so we welcome any suggestions to improve this page.

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